Terms & Conditions

Ownership & Rights

All ownership and rights will remain with Mr Jack Davenport throughout the project. The ownership and rights will switch to the client after full payment of any outstanding balance remaining on the project is paid and the files are on the customers server.

Should the client wish to end the project after it has begun then the ownership and rights will remain with Mr Jack Davenport until payment in full has been received. This is to cover loss of future earnings Mr Jack Davenport and to protect Mr Jack Davenport from giving the client the wealth of expertise contained within the files created for the project.

Under no circumstances will Mr Jack Davenport upload any files to the clients server before payment in full has been received.

Copyrights & Trademarks

Should there be multiple design choices presented to the client then only the delivered final product will be available for the ownership and rights to be transferred to the client.

All other designs will remain the property of Mr Jack Davenport. Should the client wish to change the ownership and rights of any of these additional designs then an agreed upon fee will be required.

Files & Changes

During the development phase there will be a demo website set up for you to view the progress of your website. This URL will be a sub-domain of this website and will be controlled by Mr Jack Davenport at all times. There will at no point be any files in part or in full be uploaded to the clients server before payment in full has been received.

All files regarding copy and images are to be supplied by the client. Mr Jack Davenport holds no responsibility for any files, regardless of type, that were supplied by the client. It is the clients responsibility to supply the correct copy and images. The copy should contain no spelling mistakes and all images should be of the correct resolution for the web.

An hourly charge will apply for changes to copy and images after they have been added to the demo website as this is repeated work.

Displaying Work

Mr Jack Davenport reserves the right to display the work unless a prior agreement is in place. Should the client want Mr Jack Davenport not to display the clients work then this should be submitted in writing before any work begins.

All work may be displayed in multiple locations, including, but not limited to, this website, social media or any promotional materials produced by Mr Jack Davenport.


Normally there is a deposit to pay to reserve the work. Deposits are normally 50% of the project value, unless otherwise agreed with Mr Jack Davenport and once this is paid your project has been confirmed. All deposits are non refundable as I may have to refuse work to accommodate your project.

The remaining balance of the project will be paid in full before any files are uploaded to the clients server for use.

A minimum charge of 1 hour is applicable to all units of work, no matter how small. Units of work can be grouped together to get the best value from that hour.

This document is subject to change at any time so please ask for an up to date copy before your project begins or the current online version will be used as the single point of truth.