The White Emporium Visit Site

A WordPress redevelopment of her current site and to add some new features to help promote her products.

I worked alongside Gemma to rejuvenate her website to make it easier for her customers and for her to use the website.

To make it easier for her customers we added a better structure to the products listing pages. It used to show one per row which made the page very long with the amount of products displayed. We changed that to be four across making it easier to find what you are looking for.

We also made sure that the website is now fully responsive. With more and more people only using their mobile or tablet to view the website we wanted a great experience for all of her customers.

To improve the admin section for Gemma I implemented a built in section where she could add products easily as if using any text editor. This simplified the whole process for her meaning its much faster. Less time adding them to the website, more time being able to sell them.

Top of the home page including navigation
Top of the lovely collection page
Single product page
Custom masonry gallery